Managing priorities while writing a book | An Interview with The Selfish Gift Podcast

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Life is always coming at us fast, and that feels especially true when you decide to write a book. You take on this huge, ambitious commitment, and suddenly a home improvement project goes sideways, a family member has a health issue, work-demands become crushing, or some other huge interruption comes along and threatens to pull you off your path. I experienced all of that and more.

Listen to my talk with Maggie Langrick writer and publisher at Wonderwell Press and host of The Selfish Gift Podcast.

You will learn:

  • Why women need a “financial wake-up call.”
  • Why taking control of your finances is one of the most important forms of self-care.
  • The five steps to achieving financial freedom.
  • How to balance building an author platform and writing a book while working a full-time job.
  • How to stay committed to finishing your book when the day-to-day stress of life gets overwhelming.


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